Thursday, December 15, 2016

The power of a smile,

The wiser you get, the younger you appear.  

Here are some words of advice, thanks to Colleen for this

It is all in the interpretation:

I have had enough!!!! So sick of it, I'll never help anyone again…EVER!! Either I'm too kind-hearted, or I'm too stupid ... Whatever! 

Yesterday it was so cold, and my heart ran away with me once again.... I took a man into my home out of pity .... and out of the kindness of my heart. I felt so sorry for him, he was trembling with cold, poor thing out in the snow.

But this morning, he had just vanished without a word, not even a goodbye or a thank you or a kiss my butt for sheltering him.

And the last straw was when I realised he had peed all over the living room floor............. that's the "thank you" I get for being good to people, so let me warn my friends, watch out for this man. 

He is very pale, heavy set, wearing nothing but a scarf, he has a nose that looks like a carrot, and two black eyes that shine like coal. His arms are so skinny they look like sticks!!! Don't bring him in to your house, what a huge mess he made on my carpeted floor.

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