Thursday, May 11, 2017

All the world's a stage

.... and all the men and women merely players.   - William Shakespeare 

Do you 
  • expect people to behave a certain way and at a certain time?
  • To react a certain way?
  • To say a certain thing?
  • To send the correct emoji response to my last text?
If you do, then you have probably been disappointed, life is not a scripted event, it is an improv. Every day we create stories for our lives. Sometimes are stories are happy, sometimes they are sad, but most of the time, they are a surprise. 

If you were the director of your play of life, you could expect the players to respond as you want them to, say what you want them to say, when you need them to say the lines. But we have no director and so we stumble through each day and hope that we remain the hero/heroine of our day. Sometimes we surprise ourselves and get to be the hero, other times we play supporting cast to others who we interact with every day. 

Each day is a surprise and the opportunity for a new story or a new chapter in or ongoing story. When we look back at our lives, we will not "sweat the small stuff", but we will remember relationships and the feelings we received from these relationships, 

Are you the hero of your story that you hoped you would be when you were ten? If not perhaps it is time to change the channel or open a new chapter of your story. Remember it is never too late

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