Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What if

In the email, my daughter said that my grandson was so excited because he was now tall enough to ride on some of the big rides at Luna Park in Melbourne. It made me wonder if we could still feel the excitement and adrenaline rush that a youngster feels the first time on an exciting ride. There are a number of factors at play with my grandson. First is the fact that he has grown taller, which is important to him, second, this growth allows him to stretch his experiences and allows him to do things that he could not do last year and third it allows him to show how big and brave he is to tackle rides which are meant to be scary.

Over time many of us have become addicted to habits that are comforting but not exciting. I believe we need changes and challenges in our lives to keep us young. What challenges have you tried or been faced with over the past few months that have given you an adrenaline rush? If we stop seeking adventures and challenges we may end up at the end of our lives wondering what if.  

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