Friday, August 4, 2017

Thinking of your Local Foodbank.

August,  summer is half over, and we are starting to think about the fall. Do you remember heading back to school as a kid?  Do you remember the total mix of emotions that came with it? I certainly do. I remember the anticipation of attending a new class, the excitement of seeing school friends again, and the pride in showing off my first day of school outfit. 

I even remember the forgotten smell of the early morning air during the crisp walk to school. And while my family didn’t necessarily have the best of everything, I always knew that I was taken care of and that my lunch box was full.

But I was lucky, while many are not, and families struggle to make ends meet, many use the food bank to lend a helping hand to make it through the tough times. Summer is tough for many families and planning to go back to school is also hard. Your local food bank needs your help so it can be there for your neigbours who need your help.

A food bank volunteer recently shared a letter with me that they received from a single mom who had just lost her husband. To ensure that her daughter had all that she needed, the mother made many sacrifices that you or I might take for granted. She didn’t have a car or a cell phone and often went without eating so that her daughter could have what was needed for school. This, unfortunately, still wasn’t enough. They were still hungry.

Many like this single mom, exhaust all resources before they ask for help. Your local food bank has programs that help families like this one. Because many people’s schedules are more variable in the summer, and because few summer holidays traditionally involve big meals, it’s easy for food banks to drop off of people’s radars.

People are away, and it’s not top of mind,b ut those who need food banks aren’t off on holiday

In fact, the need for food often rises in the summer, because children who normally rely on school breakfast programs no longer have that option.

Demand is the same or it increases a lot at the time when support is the lowest. So many food banks have summer programs to encourage your participation and support. Remember the demand is still high, so please support your local food bank.

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