Thursday, July 5, 2018

3000 and counting

This is my 3000 post. I started with a post about the news I was going to be a grandfather.almost 8 years ago. This was about a month after my grandson was born and my wife was in Australia and I was going to be heading down in about two weeks to see my new grandchild. 

Two things I said in that post still apply.
The first is 'I am not sure if being a grandfather makes me a senior or do I still qualify for being a boomer. I am not yet ready to call myself a senior although I suspect that younger people would think I qualify." I definitely qualify for senior status, but still, refuse to be called a senior and think of my self as a Boomer, or as my friend Ernie called me a "Sonic Boomer".

The second, in my first post, I also talked about my going across the border and being stopped because of a computer glitch and I wrote, "I also enjoyed the idea that I was suspected of setting the world on fire again even if the reason was a computer glitch." 
Boomers are still setting the world on fire, although my peers such as Donald Trump continue to give my generation a bad name. Overall we have done a lot of good over the last 70 plus years, but we could have done better. I am happy that many of my peers are still involved in supporting others through volunteering, demonstrations and being involved in our community. 

I hope to continue writing for another at least 10 years and I thank all of you who read my words and give me feedback. It makes life exciting and interesting

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