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Those of you who have read me for a while know that my wife suffered a brain aneurysm when we were in Australia and that I documented our story in this blog.  It took a long time, but she is back to normal now. But a brain injury can be devastating to the person who receives it and the family. We need to support those who have suffered a brain injury and there is a site that does just that.  The site is called  and the author is Michelle Munt. The following is from her site:

My name is Michelle Munt, & I sustained a serious brain injury in a car accident back in December 2014. The journey to recovery has been a challenge. I had to give up my career in recruitment. But now my confidence has grown so much that I am able to run my own business as a coach, supporting others.

From one brain injury survivor to another, learn how I did it by reading my blog, documenting the various struggles I have faced.

Her site is well worth a visit, as it provides, support advice and helps to those who need it. Her latest post struck a chord with me and it is well worth the read. This post talks about the fact she was not given any information about her injury.  She says, “The lack of information is not good enough and makes our journey so much harder. Here I touch on the harsh reality of what it felt like for me when I sustained a brain injury but had no idea what I was supposed to do.”

My wife and I were lucky for the care she received in Australia, they let her know from the very beginning what happened and what to expect. It did not make the struggles and the journey easier, but she knew what she had to face. 

If you have someone who has suffered a brain injury, then I recommend this site highly. She is doing a wonderful job. At the end of the blog, I am talking about she asks the questions.

Were you given enough information about your brain injury when it happened? What would you like to have happened differently Go to her site and read the blog:

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