Monday, July 19, 2010

Last comment on Mr. Bubble cop

A few posts ago, I talked about this video from the G20 and I suggest the officer one
Adam Josephs (Male),  Badge #: 731 be fired and the post was angry. I detest the abuse of power and authority  and reacted to his actions in a negative way. I should not have done that I should have done what the folks at Creative revolution did which was to create a game with Adam's picture, which allows us to use good old fashioned ridicule and scorn to react to his actions. I should have been more creative. Here are some of my suggestions for Adam and his superior officers. First show this video from Stan Frieberg about bubbles so that Adam can overcome his fear of bubbles. If he does not want to watch the bubble then I suggest Adam be ordered to stay away from parks, beaches, or playgrounds where young children may be playing with bubbles, as he may go crazy and beat up/bust some three year old for assault.

If Adam is still allowed out, even if he has a fear of bubbles then people when they see him should consider blowing bubbles, now Adam will arrest you if he sees you blowing bubbles out of soap, so perhaps people could blow bubbles from gum.

Perhaps some of the good people of  Canada could send Adam a stick or two of bubble gum, so he could learn to not be afraid of bubbles.

Adam you have done your family proud, as you have forever linked the name of Joseph with the fear of bubbles.  Someone could create a bubble doll of Adam but that might scare the man.

Adam's fear of bubbles may affect his police work, but his superiors probably are just as afraid of bubbles as Adam is. According to the information Adam graduated from Harvey Collegiate in 1979 and so is probable in his late 40's, so I suspect he has not moved very far up the ranks in the police because his fear of bubbles may have interfered with his ability to be promoted.  His facebook page states his occupation as "I collect Human garbage."  so perhaps some of the Human garbage in his city of Toronto, could help Adam by recycling their bubble gum and sending it to him, to help him overcome his fear of bubbles.

Adam, I don't think would have the ability to act independently would however, respond to orders, so there should be a inquiry on who ordered Adam to face down the bubble brigade. I suspect that there will be no inquiry because the conservative Prime Minister Steven Harper would have told the police they had no fear of being charged or arrested as a result of their actions. So I suggest that Steven Harper be called the Bubble King and Adam can still hold the title of Bubble cop.

On reflection anger at Adam's action is counterproductive, lets laugh at him instead. Laughter is the best medicine and thanks to the great people at A Creative Revolution for reminding me or that!

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