Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bucket lists

I went to the Mission Raceway the other day to watch my nephew and my brother in law race.  Shane had bought a racing car a  few months ago and was using the opportunity given by Mission Raceway for people to race their cars on Friday nights to practice and get up his times. Tom decided that he wanted to do something different so he said he was up to racing. So we all went out to the races on Friday night. On the way out we stopped at a pub restaurant in Mission to have a coffee. There was a mother with a seven month old girl (who was trying to walk) and the women in my party struck up a conversation with the new mom. The baby girls name was Ocean, very cute name and a very cute baby. The ladies talked to the mom about how cute the baby was and diets and other stuff, being a guy I soon bored of the conversation but  I watched Ocean; she appeared delighted with her surroundings, taking everything in, watching the ladies in my party as they each tried to talk to her. Ocean was accepting of the attention and appeared to be delighted with just being there. 

Babies have a unique way of bringing a sense of new beginnings and a sense of wonder about the  world, which we as adults sometimes lose.

The racetrack was very busy and it took a while for Tom to race. He did a fantastic job, and his reaction time was pretty dam fast for a Boomer (Tom is older than me, but not by much). I enjoyed the opportunity to be at the racetrack and to watch Tom and Shane race. The Bucket list is not a bad idea, but I am not ready to begin to think about kicking the bucket so I am not ready to make my list yet. One day soon perhaps.

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