Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So my question is: what are you doing that is of importance?

As we  move closer to Xmas, I have been thinking about life -- a pretty common activity for many of us as we approach our mid 60's I think  As I have done that and read my lists and books over time  two good themes developed. The first is "I'm blessed -- and you are, too."

The second is that people aren't simply individuals-- they make choices to belong to each other in communities -- these can be family, faith communities, work, friends, and many others.

Each year life seems a little more fragile to me, and more precious, too. I see more about the hardships people go through, and also see the wonderful things they do despite those limitations that tell me that life in all its forms is exciting and challenging and that people are remarkable in their ability to survive and to keep what is important to them at the forefront of what they do.

So my question to you and to myself is: what are you doing big or small that is of importance to you and how do you show you care?

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