Saturday, February 4, 2012

Be still and listen to what your heart says.

 Today lets look at the words "should and shouldn’t”.

The idea of looking at what is right in your world is made harder by the stereotypes that we impose on others and ourselves.  As we try to move forward, we may be faced with those who will give us advice. The advice is well meant, but comes down to people trying to dictate to you what you should or shouldn't do with your life.

We have a  position available where I work as a result of the person who was in the position moving to a new location. The young person who is now in the position is very good at the job. We need someone, she has the skill sets, but not the training for the position. To keep the position, she has to take further training. Human Resources is putting a great deal of pressure on her to take the training, however she is resisting because the timing is not right for her now.  I suggest that she should listen to her heart and make her decisions .

When you are deciding to do or not do something, one of the process that may occur is that at first you might hear a faint or not so faint voice in your head saying: “you’re too old,” or “that’s too risky” or “you can’t do that.”

Trust me: this is not your heart speaking!

Don’t be swayed by what others think your life is supposed to look like. Don’t think for a moment that this stage of your life has to be lived by anyone else’s standards.

Be wary of any internal or external advice that begins with: “You should” or “You shouldn't"

Be brave enough and confident enough to listen to your heart. You may or may not have regrets later, but you will have another story to pass on to your grandchildren.

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