Sunday, February 5, 2012

Make a difference.

How would doing this support your vision for your life and your world?

There are hundreds of ways, in all shapes and sizes, to make the world, your community, your neighborhood a better place. The collective wisdom, talent, and passion of those over fifty is astonishing. The world needs us. So, why not start a foundation, join an animal rescue team, mentor a child, teach a class, run for mayor, or revitalize your town square.

Let me tell you about Amy. She knits every spare minute in her day. She obviously loves knitting and is very specific about what she knits, which are tiny caps. Twice a year Amy donates the caps she’s knitted to her local hospital’s neo-natal unit. She knows her caps make a difference to the babies and their families and she feels great about it.

What organization, human issue, community project or problem speaks to your heart?

Given your talents and skills and time, what type of commitment would be a great fit?

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