Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dare to take a chance

Earlier I posted a letter that I will share with my grandson, when he is older, but I would add the following to the ideas that I told him. 

In ages past we accepted that life was full of hardships. The odds were simple; either succeed or starve, kill or be killed. As civilisations discovered fire and then electricity and gas to keep warm, bought food from markets and built houses of stone, people became less willing to deal with any unexpected events that threatened to turn their cosy life upside down. 

We all want something to cushion the impact of the unexpected.and for some it has weakened their strength as individuals. I know that we can surmount any problem or situation that life throws our way. Unfortunately, it's all too easy to reel off a list of bad things that could happen to us. For most people it's easier than thinking of the good things that could happen. People can become slaves to their vivid imagination that conjures up bad news items that could happen to them, and they allow these images to cripple their actions. 

If people dwell on the negative they could become:

  • Too afraid to start that great business idea because of all the things they imagine that could go wrong. 
  • Too frightened to sell up and buy a larger house in another area because the house prices could drop or the children won't like the new schools, 

or... and so it goes on for an endless list.

Every child loves surprises and life for most children is fun and exciting. If you want to make sure you don't stifle your need for excitement keep your childlike sense of life and fun and:

1. Dare to be individual.

2. Dare to develop your own style - instead of following fashion.

3. Dare to study and work to improve yourself in your profession.

4. Dare to have a positive mental attitude and the courage to try.

In other words: Dare to take a chance.

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