Monday, September 30, 2013

What I believe I will achieve

We are limited in our success by our thoughts we can achieve exactly what we believe we're capable of achieving. Our beliefs can guide our destinies towards success or toward failure, for only we control our thoughts, However, we are also influenced by the thoughts and actions of others, without realizing we are.

Controlled experiments over many years have proved that children who are considered by their teachers, friends and families to be 'troublesome or terrors' actually end up getting into trouble with a high percentage becoming juvenile delinquents. However, the 'good' group of boys (in the same age group at the beginning of a study) believed by teachers, friends and families to stay out of trouble and succeed in school, go on to do so. Each group of children achieve in accordance with what people around them believe them capable of doing. These children and adults have lived up to the expectation of those around them. This is unfortunate because rather than having a belief in themselves, these people have given into the idea that others shape their destiny and do not take responsibility for their own thoughts and actions.

The conclusion of many similar studies is this: thinking does make it so when we allow ourselves to be influenced by the beliefs of others.  We know you can break the influence of others, but it requires hard work, a belief in your self. Here are some ideas on how to start to break the bonds of others.

1. Hold positive chats with yourself.
2. Surround yourself with positive people.
3. Think, 'I'm going to succeed'.
4. Think, 'I'm a winner'.

The only person you will have to convince is yourself. Other people are automatically convinced you're great and a success, after you have convinced yourself

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