Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lessons from the Luau

We sat across the table from an interesting couple from California.  As we talked about the Luau,  life, children and grandchildren the husband took out too small figurines positioned them on the table and took a few pictures. We must have looked surprised so they explained.  The couple travelled a lot and when their grandchildren were about three and four the couple had found the figures at a flea market. They bought the two with the intention of giving one to each grandchild. Instead they took some pictures og the figures doing things with them on the trip.

Once back home they created a travel adventure book with pictures and gave the picture book and the figures to their grandchildren.  The next time they left to travel, the grandchildren asked them to take the figures and create another adventure book.

The couple explained the grandchildren who were now ten and eleven still loved receiving their adventure books about grannie and grandpas adventure's. I thought what a wonderful idea, and a few days later we found our own figure and we created our first of  many adventure books for our grandson.

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