Sunday, July 4, 2010

On being a grandfather part 2

My daughter informed us that our first grandchild would be a boy as she was driving back home from Melbourne after her ultrasound. She told us that the baby is healthy and she is doing fine. They are now in the process of starting to decide on a name, as she told us they had lots of girls names picked out, but very few boys names and the one they had thought they liked suddenly did not seem appropriate--now that may change as the date of birth comes closer.

One of the first gifts we give our children is their name and it is a very important decision. When my daugter was born, we had a name picked out, but when we saw her, the name did not seem to fit and we changed her name.  I am excited about the fact the baby is healty, now we know that we are having a grandson, we can prepare for him.  I am in the process of looking at when to book a flight to Australia to see her new family and that new adventure in our lives.

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