Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The original star trek and life lessons


While I agree with Boulding for this blog, I would like to think about this, there are those who believe that people can be divided into four types of people. So if you are taking on this Jungarian approach to life, then I would like to submit the following ideas. (These were first put forth back in the 1980's when I was helping business people understand how to sell to these people, in my seminars on "Starting your own Business}

As you read about the four types of people, I would like you to think about the old STAR TREK Television series. The main characters of this show may help you visualize the four types of people described below. Captain Kirk, Dr. McCoy, Spock and Scotty, I believe, represent the four types as defined by the experts.

DOMINANT SENSITIVES: would best be represented by Dr. McCoy.
These people are very confident, and while being friendly and polite, tend to be very formal. They generally know what they like and want and they do not change their minds easily.

DEALING WITH THEM: To keep these people as friends, remember that they do not like small talk, so cut the small talk and give them factual and unhurried information, with all the facts and figures you have, they like people who are good at what they do, so establish yourself as an expert with credentials to prove it. If they like you, you will have a friend for a long time, as they are slow to change their mind.

DOMINANT SELF CENTERED would best be represented by Captain Kirk
These people bark, but they usually don't bite. They can appear rude, and will interrupt you frequently. They want you to prove to you that they are smarter than you are. They want you to agree with them.

DEALING WITH THEM: To keep them as friends, agree with them all along when they are correct, but do not wilt under their argument. Try not to interrupt them; let them have their say. Listen to what they say then point out how they could hurt their own best interest if they do not agree with you, and remember that they are always interested in something that will help them personally. Let them discover how you can help them solve their need or problem, show them how you can help them, and they will be loyal for life. By the way, most people are afraid of dealing with this type of person. They tend to intimidate others.

SUB DOMINANT SELF CENTERED is best represented by Spock.
These people tend to be insecure; they tend to be distrustful and are looking for reassurance all the time. They tend to be fearful if things are good, in case they suddenly get bad. And they fear bad things in case they get worse. Life is a real strain for them and they are very fearful of anything new in case it upsets their carefully arranged lives.

DEALING WITH THEM: To keep them as friends you have to keep reassuring them that everything will be all right. Do not try to get too close either physically or emotionally. If they are the silent type, ask them for their opinion and give them lots of time to reply. A rule of thumb count to yourself from 1 to 25 very slowly, each time you ask a question. If they chatter non stop, you will have to interrupt, but do so gently by excusing yourself. REPEAT THE POINT THEY JUST MADE and try to use that point to get on with the conversation

SUB DOMINANT SENSITIVE is best represented by Scotty.
These people are usually delightful. They want to be liked, and are not afraid to talk, and are always friendly. The key indicator is that they will frequently apologize early on in the conversation. They want to please. But they do not like pressure and they do not like cold people.

DEALING WITH THEM: If you want to keep these types as friends start with small talk, to build trust and in your discussions stay away from facts, focus on feelings. Assure them all the way that you will like them; always be friendly and warm. Keep getting back to the personal.

These people want you to like them, and will be a loyal friend from you because they trust you. They may have to be reassured from time to time that you are their friend.

They want to stay loyal, but will do so only if they can trust you by knowing you will do everything in your power to help them fill their needs

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